Global Writing

CoinGecko is a global brand and product. We aim to serve millions of people in their locales all over the world.

Localization (L10n) is the process of adapting a product to meet the linguistic, cultural, and legal requirements of international markets (locales). Writing for an international audience requires that we compose text using methods that make it easier for the CoinGecko team to localize our content.

  • US English text can expand by 40% in translation, so keep it short

  • Avoid idioms, jokes, wordplay, jargon, and colloquialisms

  • Avoid using variables, as these can expand content

  • Avoid using directional words like right, left, and below to refer to UI elements

  • Think beyond translation to adapting experiences to different places and cultures

  • Avoid abbreviations, acronyms, and initialisms

The localization process also accounts for differences in:

  • time formats

  • date formats

  • measurements

  • temperature

  • currency

  • emoji usage

For example, the US uses MM/DD/YY dates, the imperial system, and Fahrenheit, while a country like Germany uses DD/MM/YY dates, the metric system, and Celsius.

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