How they are used

Neutrals are used to provide utility and hierarchy without competing with our core and secondary colors.

At CoinGecko, we also distinguish between neutrals that should be used on light backgrounds (Light Neutrals) and those that should be used on dark backgrounds (Dark Neutrals).

This is so we can:

  1. Maintain a high level of accessibility while still ensuring our color palettes are cohesive

  2. Don't create compositions that clash with other elements in an unpleasant manner.

Avoid combining neutrals from both the Light & Dark palettes. Stick to one set depending on the whether you're using them on a white (Moon Light) or dark (Moon Night) background.

Please note that CMYK colors are a best estimate only (for printing applications). Always request for print samples and verify physically before placing large orders of items.

Light Neutrals

Used these hues on white (Moon Light) backgrounds to create hierarchy

Dark Neutrals

Used these hues on dark (Moon Night) backgrounds to create hierarchy.

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