Brand personality is the set of human characteristics and traits attributed to a brand, shaping how we are perceived by users and how we establish an emotional connection with our audience. We can see these personality statements as addressing the following:

  • What’s our brand’s personality?

  • How do we express ourselves?

  • What is our tone of voice?


Reputable OG in the crypto space with a pulse on innovation

We’re honored yet humbled to be pioneers in the space. We bring decades of experience to the table, while embracing innovation to remain at the forefront of the evolving crypto landscape.

Serious, yet fun-loving

Serious when it comes to data, fun-loving when it’s about community

We are professionals when it comes to all things crypto data – we are precise, relentless and recognised as an authority in the space. We never take things at surface value, we verify. But when we’re engaging our users and community, we know how to have fun, to surprise and delight. We leave easter eggs for users to find. We’re occasionally tongue-in-cheek and playful with our copywriting, because we don’t take ourselves too seriously.


A reliable friend (and pocket companion) you can count on 24/7

Trusted, dependable and always within reach. We’re here on both green and red days, through market swings and cycles. We’re the constant in your crypto journey, a friend you can always count on.

Confident, yet borderline geeky

We are confident in our expertise and borderline geeky in our approach.

We are always crypto curious because the space never stops innovating. We geek out about the latest developments like new token standards, Layer 4 protocols and the latest memecoins in our bags.


We’re true to ourselves, our values, our users and community.

We show up authentically, simply because we’re a group of real people behind the brand, and we believe in being authentic to really connect with our users. We’ll even give you a glimpse of what it’s like behind-the-scenes at Gecko HQ.

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