Our symbol captures the essence of our brand: A friendly gecko wrapped within a coin that conveys our brand name.

It simultaneously communicates our positioning as the warm & helpful friend of the people in a complex crypto space.

For rare use cases in black & white (greyscale) applications the black version of the symbol may be used.


To ensure prominence of our symbol, refrain from placing any objects such as graphics or text within the designated clear space when using the symbol in standalone usage.

Minimum Sizes

The symbol must always maintain legibility. Never utilize it at sizes smaller than the specified dimensions.

General Positioning

This overarching advice is applicable to both digital and print applications, encompassing portrait and landscape orientations.

When composing your design, position the symbol in any of the four corners or align it along the central vertical axis. Utilize the available space and aim to maximize the logo's size. Keep in mind: Embrace boldness, display pride, and emphasize size!

Steer clear of using the symbol at dimensions smaller than one-eighth of the canvas width.

Please Don't

  • Change the color of the symbol.

  • Squash the symbol.

  • Outline the symbol with an overlapping border.

  • Place the symbol over a busy background. Especially one with similar color hues.

  • Skew or rotate the symbol.

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