Combination Mark

Combination Mark

The combination mark is our go to version when inserting our logo into 99.99% of applications.

Unless it is not possible, always utilize the combination mark instead of the standalone logotype or symbol.


To ensure prominence of our combination mark, refrain from placing any objects such as graphics or text within the designated clear space.

Minimum sizes

The combination mark must always maintain legibility. Never utilize it at sizes smaller than the specified dimensions.

General Positioning

This overarching advice is applicable to both digital and print applications, encompassing portrait and landscape orientations.

When composing your design, position the logo in any of the four corners or align it along the central vertical axis. Utilize the available space and aim to maximize the logo's size. Keep in mind: Embrace boldness, display pride, and emphasize size!

Steer clear of using the logotype at dimensions smaller than one-third of the canvas width.


As a standard practice, we typically position our logotype flat at a 0° angle, with a horizontal orientation being the default state. This is commonly observed in our app, on our website, and across most advertising formats.

However, there are instances where we rotate our logotype by 90° to optimize space usage in unconventional formats. By rotating the logo vertically, we can showcase it at a larger scale. Examples of such scenarios include vertical ad spaces like "skyscraper" banner ads, physical banners or flags, and creative applications such as merchandise or stationery.

Please Don't

  • Change the color of the combination mark.

  • Squash the combination mark.

  • Stack the symbol & logotype to recreate an unapproved combination mark

  • Place the logo over a busy background.

  • Skew the logo. Accepted rotations are 0° and 90°.

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