Core Brand Colors

Our core brand colors are inspired by our gecko mascot.

Do note that our Gecko mascot currently uses an entirely different hue of green & yellow in its construction. Avoid using colors hues similar to those used in our current gecko symbol.

Please note that CMYK colors are a best estimate only (for printing applications). Always request for print samples and verify physically before placing large orders of items.

How and why they’re used:

Gecko Green is the core color of our brand, that’s associated with our Gecko mascot. We use it in many areas of all our applications. Most notably our primary buttons.

Coin Yellow is the yellow color upon which we place our infamous Gecko mascot. It communicates a sense of energy, openness and warmth in our brand. And connects us to the concept of a coin.

Moon Night is our base dark color for backgrounds textual elements used everywhere in our brand.

Moon Light is is our primary background color used primarily in our interface.

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