Tints & shades

Tints & shades of core, secondary, semantic & neutral hues help us expand our color palette to accomodate the needs of a variety of applications (primarily UI-related).

Outside digital UI related applications, we generally avoid using tints and shades.

Examples of tints & shades

Moon Design System

  • Gecko Green is used as a Primary color within our UI applications.

  • Semantic colors (Success Green, Warning Yellow, Danger Red, Info Blue) are used for conveying status states within our UI applications.

Tints and shades are generated and used for create contrast in UI components like badges & alerts where component statuses are often required.

To avoid misuse, we refrain from sharing exact color codes of the various tints & shades of colors used in our UI. These are kept and maintained by our design team with our Moon Design System. Reach out to our design team if you required a specific tint or shade (lighter or darker version) of a color.

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